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Gratitude Seed


The Gratitude Seed

Rare and exotic African sea-beans, also known as African dream herb or good luck charm. Charged with Chi/Prana and earth energies, to take you deep into a meditative state, where wishes come true!

About the Gratitude Seed


The seed has numerous healing and curing properties.

Some tribes believe the seeds possess magical properties that imbue the user with good luck. Traditionally in certain parts of Africa the seed is used to induce vivid dreams, enabling the user communication with the spirit world.

Can a mere mythological ancient seed with healing properties be the key that brings abundance into your life?

The presence of a Gratitude Seed reminds you to be grateful. As you become more grateful with what has been given to you then more is given. Carrying the Gratitude-Seed with you draws your attention to being grateful. As you gently rub the Gratitude Seed and state the things for which you are grateful, more is given to you............ as the legend goes .

Repeat this as many times a day as your schedule permits.

These seeds have been naturally charged by nature. When you are holding the seed, you are literally holding a life, which is directly connected with the earth and nature, without any conditions and without any limits.


Further, they have been infused with natural electromagnetic energies from the earth & the universe. They have also been charged with Chi/ Prana and cosmic energies, which can be easily felt while holding the seed tight in the palm.

How to use?


The Gratitude Seed facilitates right attitude and right thinking, helping to recognize and release what it is within ourselves that holds us back from moving forward. It will bring attention to negative thought patterns and assist to reprogram them to bring calm and balance to life. It will help bring forth the energies of sincere gratitude and abundance. By practicing gratitude, you will attract more good things to you. Each seed measures approximately between 1.5 inches and 2 inch wide (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less; each seed is unique in size, shape and pattern). It's large enough to be noticeable, but not so large that it will make a hole in your pocket or weigh down your purse.

If you use the seed yourself, keep a diary of the things that occur in your life. If you give them to someone else, ask the recipient to do the same, then get together to exchange stories. You will be amazed!

Each seed is charged with Chi/ Prana to amplify the seed's inherent properties. May it enter your home to instill greater abundance and increase your personal power!! 

What is a Gratitude Seed?

A gratitude seed is a small seed that you carry with you in your pocket, purse or briefcase, or place on your desk or on the rear view mirror of your car. The idea is to put it in a place where you are likely to come in contact with it throughout your day. Each time you see or touch the seed, this will act as a small reminder to you to be grateful for what you have today, and for what will come to you tomorrow. This will train you to think grateful thoughts. Think of it as your tool to attract good thoughts.

What should I be grateful for?

Anything and everything in your life that you genuinely feel appreciative of. Your achievements. Your friends and family. Your health. The beauty of nature. The food you ate today. The stranger who smiled at you. The sun. The rain. Be grateful even for the things that haven’t arrived yet! Have gratitude for the blessings you will receive. As you practice gratitude, it will become increasingly easier to find things to be grateful for. Even if you are going through a hard time, be grateful for the experience. Be grateful that you are alive. Don’t just go through the motions saying "yeah, yeah, I'm grateful". Train yourself to get to that place within yourself where you really FEEL the gratitude.

Why should I show gratitude? My life hasn’t exactly been easy.

Think of yourself as a huge magnet. You are attracting things and situation into your life all the time, whether you are consciously trying to or not. And you attract the likeness of what you are thinking about. If you are thinking about a lack of something, you are attracting more lack (scarcity). If you are thinking about something you love, you are attracting more of what you love and enjoy. It sounds incredibly simple, because it is.

This is called The Universal Law of Attraction. This law states: “We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to – whether wanted or unwanted”. Most of the time, we attract by ‘default’ rather than by deliberate choice. We just sort of go through our day, focusing on problems that need to be solved or on things that did not feel good or seem right. In so doing, we are actually attracting more problems, because we get caught up in the vibration of worry, stress, and bad feelings. The Law of Attraction is always at work, whether you understand it or not, whether you believe in it or not.


Like gravity, it is also a law of life, which turns wars and tsunamis to joyous prosperity and celebrations and vice-versa. Everything vibrates, and you attract into your life precisely what you are vibrating.

What will the gratitude seed do?

The gratitude seed will remind you to radiate gratitude throughout the day. In so doing, you will set in motion the Universal Law of Attraction in a positive way for you. When you vibrate gratitude, positive things show up in your life. Therefore, you must do whatever you need to keep your vibration positive. This is where the gratitude seed comes in. Every time you see or touch the seed, you will be reminded to be grateful. Soon you will begin to vibrate that same frequency and the Law of Attraction WILL deliver what you vibrate. You don’t have to find the right words to express your gratitude. Simply FEEL it and radiate it. The Law of Attraction doesn't really listen to your words, but does read how you actually feel. So be genuine in feeling thankful. Don’t just go through the motions.

Is there any way where I can deepen my experience and have a profound-positive impact on my health and psyche? In other words, can I fast-forward the process?


To amplify and experience a deep impact, put on a good quality head phone and let the theta waves take you deep into your subconscious - which is also known as the God-Realm, the space where prayers are answered.

Choose a place which is calm and distractions are less. The theta music is designed for 30 minutes a day, which will take you to a deep meditative state effortlessly. Put on your headphone with the music on. Hold two Gratitude Seeds in two of your palms, and put all your focus on the Gratitude Seeds. A feeling of warmth will slowly seep inside you, making you more comfortable. You can sit in a meditation posture or any comfortable posture with your spine straight. Your eyes must be closed for the entire duration. Recall all the good things that has happened in your life. We can grateful even for this sun-shine, clean air that we breath and the food that we get. 

You can use this deepening theta wave meditation just after you wake up in the morning or before going to the bed at night.

Our clients witnessed changes in the life pattern within a week of initiating the process.

Download the Theta-Wave Meditation Music by clicking the icon below.



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