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An Exclusive Course into Shamanism


2. Nature of Reality

Discover the four stages of spiritual unfoldment, the three levels of reality and the importance of grounding.

- The Master Game

- The Four Stages of Spiritual Enfoldment

- The First Level of Reality

- The Second Level of Reality

- The Third Level of Reality

- Working with the Levels of Reality

- Changing the Dream

- Your Power Animals and Guides

- A Unicorn Story

- The Importance of Grounding

- Journey 2 : The Helping Spirit

1. Foundation

In this section we will cover foundation shamanic knowledge, discuss how to journey, basic cosmology and the four rules of the sacred garden.

The following will be covered under "Foundation"

- Introduction

- Opening Prayer

- Modern Mystical Movement

- The Shaman

- Accessing the Shamanic State

- Middle, Lower and Upper Worlds

- Finding your Sacred Garden

- Four Rules of the Sacred Garden

- The Shamanic Journey Method

- Journey 1 - Your Sacred Garden

- A Sacred Garden Story

- Sacred Garden Journey Groups

- Learning to Journey

3. Soul Cluster

Learn how to deal with fear, the three souls and what role each of these souls plays in our spiritual development.

- Dealing with our Fears

- The Soul Cluster

- The Over Soul

- The Body Soul

- The Mental Soul

- Perceiving with the Body Soul

- Roles of the Ego and Mental Soul

- Aligning our Three Souls

- Soul Cluster Growth and Transition

- Journey 3 : A Sacred Offering

- Our Oversoul as our Teacher

-  Journey 4 : Meeting the Oversoul

4. Initiation & Ancestors

We talk about what it means to be authentically initiated and how important it is to connect with our ancestral lineage as well as practice three more shamanic journeys.

- The Hero's Journey

- An Initiation Story

- Birth as the First Initiation

- Dismemberment Initiatives

- Relations with Ancestors

- Journey 5 : The Helping Ancestor

- The Ancestorial Complex

- Journey 6 : Voyage a Former Lifetime

- Healing Ancestorial Lineages 

- An Ancestor Healing Story

- Journey 7 : Assisting an Ancestor

5. Shamanic Healing

We explore the three causes of illness, soul loss and the stages of shamanic healing. We do a journey for personal healing and growth.

- Spirit and Physical Medicine

- Three Primary Causes of Illness

- Soul Loss

- Causes of Soul Loss

- Symptoms of Soul Loss

- Three Stages of Shamanic Healing

- A Personal Extraction Story

- Soul Retrieval Work

- Soul Retrieval Stories

- Soul Union and Protocol

- Journey 8 : Personal Healing

- Alchemy of Eternity : Aloha 

6. Drumming and Rattling

This section contains drum and rattle tracks that you can listen to for your shamanic journey work. Some people prefer the drum and others the rattle. For beginners the longer tracks are easier because it provides more time to shift into the shamanic state.

- How to use the Drum and Rattle

- 12 Minute Drum Track

- 20 Minutes Drum Track

- 15 Minutes Drum Track

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