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UnleashMind is a program which unlocks the mind's untapped (hidden) potential, through some of the ancient and proven scientific techniques.

Albert Einstein once said,"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". This is the simplest indication of the various levels and frequencies of our mind. 

In our own life we all must have experienced that when we need a solution, we start thinking. When we start thinking we go deep, into some other levels of mind. Sometimes 'that' state of mind is like a dream or bliss or a peaceful state, where we also experience calmness, creativity and a flow of thoughts.

Everything begins with some simple understanding of the fundamentals of life and some laws of this universe.

The very first activity at UnleashMind program is to bring your mind to a relaxed state. This state is the alpha brain state where your right hemisphere is active. You are in this state every day for several times. One standard time that your mind finds itself at this state is every morning when you wake up. In the first minutes, after you wake up, your mind passes from the theta brain state to the alpha and then to the beta.

Unleash Mind Workshop (UMW) is the first step to enter the world of amazement and miracle.  The basic version of  UMW is a 5-day workshop, where we learn the unconventional lessons and apply them to internalize and experience them in real life. A series of practical activities are designed to disrupt our habitual thinking and exposes the reality beyond the programmed (mind-conditioning) world in which we all live.

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Day 1

  • Pre-session preparation** 

  • Hopes and Fears (Activity)

  • How our minds are conditioned / programmed - A detailed understanding

  • Experiment by Evan Pavlov

  • The power of our subconscious

  • Breaking-Barriers (Activity)

  • Moving Object (Activity)

  • Understanding extreme powers of mind

  • All ancient civilizations and cultures & the pineal gland

  • The sensitivity - Pineal (Activity)

  • The deep conspiracy - Fluoride

  • Entering the world of frequencies

  • Frequency in action (Activity)

  • 4 post-workshop assignments

Day 2

  • Mentoring & Support

Day  3

  • Recap

  • The present moment (Activity)

  • Accessing the Theta-State of mind (Activity)

  • We co-create our reality - The quantum physics

  • The Golden-Ratio or the PHI or the God-Code

  • Mind impacting our external reality

  • Sacred geometry and the ancient yantra

  • Entering the world of frequencies

  • 5 post-workshop assignments

Day 4

  • Mentoring & Support

Profile of the Life-Coach : Click here.

Day  5

  • Recap

  • Discovering self (Activity)

  • Accessing the Theta-Zone of mind. The divine angle (Activity)

  • Impacting reality and the law of expectation (Activity)

  • Accessing the hidden intelligence of the body (Activity)

  • Practice lesson and beyond

  • Membership, participation and volunteering

  • Tools, notes and the 3 sphere meditation

  • 5 post-workshop assignments

Registration and Payment Details

  • For any queries about the course whatsapp 9030006060

  • Registration fee is Rs.1999 (Discount coupon available both for registered members and new participants - Type INFIUM0369 in the whatsapp query to avail 50% and 75% approx during registration & payment)

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