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What Is Explorer Hive?

Explorer Hive is an initiative of InfiTribe that aims to revitalize the fun, excitement, and inquisitive nature of exploration and experiential engagement through group activities and peer-to-peer learning.

In today's predictable city life, going to the mall, watching movies, and consuming junk food have become synonymous with vacations and entertainment. Consumerism is masked as health and happiness, while social media has become a second life. Unfortunately, this has led to a distorted understanding of the meaning and essence of existence, resulting in widespread depression, mental disorders, and the pharma industry becoming an unchallenged authority.

The darkness cannot be expelled by hope alone; a little action could be more meaningful. Just as a tiny candle can dispel the darkness, Explorer Hive serves as a beacon of hope, reconnecting us to our roots and source. Like children, who find joy in simple discoveries and curiosities, Explorer Hive urges us to rediscover that sense of wonder and questioning. It is a series of activities and workshops that challenge us to re-evaluate the meaning of life and living. Explorer Hive celebrates the strength of ancient civilizations and the human spirit by fostering a community of inspired individuals.





Join our Meetup Community
of 4800+ members.

Exploring Mind through
the science of Mandala Art

The Art of Drawing a Smile - Breaking the Habitual Pattern - Depression!

The Unseen Secret Body Gestures

"What we give, remains with us". An Experiential Workshop on the Law of Giving.

Workshop - There is always a light at the end of every tunnel.

Sustainability - The Only Solution. Exploring the region called : Self-Actualization

Habit Busting - The 10 minutes can make so much difference. 

Mind over Matter - Challenging Reality. An Experiential and Practical Workshop

The Collective Mind and Self Discovery

Public Speaking in 120 minutes - Challenge!

Gratitude, Intuition and Mind Reading Capacities of the Human Mind

Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea

Gratitude, Healing Frequencies and the Practical Application

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