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Meditation is not a concept. In the race of ambition and materialism, we perhaps have lost the very meaning of this human life. Just like a seed needs water, sunlight and soil for the magical transformation, we too are in desperate need to get connected with this planet and the cosmos, for our health, happiness, peace and even prosperity. 

In the present day high-tech life, we lack all the four basic aspects just mentioned above. Meditation connects our root to the soil, shows us the divine light which is dormant inside us and creates the magical effect of health and prosperity all around. 

The 6-Minute Meditation will give you a fair glimpse of the shift and the miracles which are not privileges but the birth-rights of every human species.

The challenge here with this information age is not the availability or accessibility of information, the real challenge is the application. An information is never translated in knowledge. We keep floating into our shallow pond of pride and the illusion of being alive.

The laws of this universe are precise. The same law which is applied to a mustard seed, is applied to a human life. Everything has a gestation time. The concept of quick gratification is an illusion and in the race of acquiring the short-cuts, we have sold the very roots of our existence.

The psychological corporate programming cannot be undone in 6 minutes, and life cannot become vibrant in the blink of an eye.  Yet possibility of accepting 6-minutes daily is fairly high by our subconscious mind, and which might unleash the scope for the continuity or the daily practice of an individual. 

The beginning is important. The start is important. Rest everything will follow.

The teaching will be in the form of video recordings, audios, PDF notes, and online live interactions. Your queries will be answered in the Whatsapp group.

Scan the QR code to be a part of the Infitribe community.

Conversely, you can whatsapp a request message to +91 9030006060 to join the group.

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