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**Hidden Origin is not a workshop or a program, but a beautiful journey into exploration and discovery, unveiling our true nature and potential with which each one of us was born.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."~ Marianne Williamson

Evey scripture, every religion, every self-help book on earth, has quoted the same theme in some or the other form, that we are powerful beyond measure. Yet, when we look around and look back deep into our own selves, the story is quite different.

We can look into the mirror and find out the true story, which is nowhere near to health, happiness, fulfillment or completeness. We are engaged in some occupation and try to make meaning out of life, which we never received. 

InfiTribe is the story of the tribe which is infinite in nature, and all efforts are made to discover our "Hidden Origin" which we forgot centuries back.

We welcome you to join the tribe, where together we will explore, experience, discover and uncover the reason for which the human kind is known as the best creation of the Gods.

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Curriculum and Content 


At the very first go we will have a session to measure the outcome matrix – The 10 Golden parameters

Experiment with Mind (Basic Level 1) – 30 days

1. What is mind?

  • Brain is not mind.

  • As the mind has intelligence, every cell in the body has intelligence. Intelligence is nonlocal

  • Parts of the mind

  1. Intellect

  2. Ahankara (identity)

  3. Manas (memory across the body)

  4. Chit (pure intelligence) no trace of any type of memory – the source of creation

  • Assignment/ Exercise

  • Every discover is beyond the brain.


2. The nature of mind and how it works

  • The monkey mind

  • Understanding mind in totality - I

  • Assignment/ Exercise

  • Understanding mind in totality - II

  • The starting point of meditation

3. Introduction of the 2500 years old technique to calm and control the mind

4. The 6 minute meditation Technique – Witnessing awareness!

5. Level 1 Assignments

6. Level 1 Evaluation: The 10 Golden parameters

  • Working on the 10 evaluation criteria

  • The detailed narrative of the experience of the one-ness Mediation : Journal


Experiment with Mind (Basic Level – 2) – 42 days

1. The transformational phase – 42-day journey

  • The Magical Journey

  • Each day one assignment, each day one experiment

2. Level 2 Assignments

3. Level 2 Evaluation:

  • The 10 evaluation criteria (2nd round)

  • 10 more parameters to be added to the above.


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Experiment with Truth

The Framework

One topic will be shared with the participants (usually every 7 days), where they have to conduct a series of research, do analysis, synthesis and draw conclusions, based on the evidences gather through experiencing reality.              


In short, the following is the complete process or steps of the module “Experience with Truth”

  1. Reflection on the given topic.

  2. Followed by a group discussion.

  3. Forming groups to collect the primary and secondary data.

  4. Collation of the data and synthesis.

  5. Round table discussion on the newly formed opinion or view on the subject.

  6. Rationalizing based on the facts and figures in hand.

  7. Observing or witnessing the truth from a very different perspective, based on the facts and research outcome.

  8. Drawing conclusion on human mind and behavior and that of the society.

  9. Witnessing a new set of truth and expansion of the consciousness level.

  10. Spreading the truth and co-creating reality.

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Experiment with Elements

  • Water

  • Air

  • Fire

  • Earth

  • Ether (consciousness/ mind)

In this section the participants will understand the meaning and importance of each element in a very scientific, unique and in the dimension of logical and will conduct experiments with the ancient technologies, rituals, ayurveda and age-old scientific way-of-life.

This research will also give the participants a fair view of the reasons or the truths that why such advanced and scientific ‘way of life’ has been discouraged in the modern society. Draw evidence from the past and to challenge the existing status-quo, will be the core motive.


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Experiment with Meta-physics

Description about the course (The content of the modules may be added or removed as per the need of the participants or the availability of that specific information.)

Have you ever suspected that there was a Higher Intelligence whose presence you could feel but that you could never seem to contact?

Many people throughout history have alluded to such an all-pervading Intelligence.

A century before the birth of Christ, the Roman scholar Cicero said, “No man was ever great without divine inspiration.”

George Washington, the first President of the United States, said, “Providence has at all times been my only dependence, for all other resources seem to have failed us.”

The twentieth-century author, Wayne Dyer, wrote, “This spiritual essence is our Source, which is magnificent and stupendous compared to our earthly self. When we’re inspired we are connected to this force that is greater in every respect than our physical being.”

But nobody – not Cicero, not George Washington, not Wayne Dyer, nor any of the countless others who had claimed this guidance from a higher power – could teach us how to connect with that High Intelligence and obtain It’s guidance for ourselves.

Imagine coming into direct, working contact with that all-pervading Higher Intelligence that could guide you to make the correct decisions in your life.

What if a simple, reliable, and repeatable process could put you in touch with a Guide who knows what lies ahead, who can guide you to success, happiness, and fulfillment, and help you to avoid life's pitfalls?

In this course you will learn to

  • Enter the most powerful part of your mind whenever you wish. This is the part of the mind that is most effective for turning your thoughts into your reality.

  • Create a communication channel between your conscious mind and the nearly unlimited power of your subconscious mind.

  • Recognize and learn from the sometimes mysterious messages that come from your subconscious mind.

  • Ask for guidance from your Higher Intelligence in a way that it has to respond to.


The self-mind control and dynamic meditation gives you practical techniques to manifest your goals in life.

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Basic level

Module 1


Module 1 of the course consists of the following techniques:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Mental house cleaning

  • Sleep control

  • Clock technique

  • Awake control

  • Pain control

  • Dream control

  • Mental screen

  • Glass of water

  • Changing limiting beliefs

  • Mirror of the mind

  • Habit control


Module 2

Module 2 gives you deeper techniques that develop your intuition and creativity​ physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, for you and your loved ones, enabling you to live a beautiful life of your own design.

Module 2 of the course consists of the following techniques:

  • ​​Deep relaxation/long relax

  • Remote viewing

  • Projection to home

  • Projection to metals

  • Projection to plants

  • Projection to pet

  • Creation of a laboratory

  • Projection to human anatomy

  • Case working


Advanced Level

Module 3

Finding your life's purpose

To live with purpose and fulfil your mission on earth.  To function as a multi-dimensional being. To make wise choices and decisions.

  • Fantastic voyage

  • Droplet of source energy

  • 5 finger technique

  • Holo-viewing

  • Omni-viewing

  • Psychometry

  • Connection to purpose

  • Case working


Module 4

Manifest the life of your own design!

Would you like; A lifestyle that would help you manifest successfully? To meditate easily and in a few seconds? To make the life you dream of, a reality​​?

  • Life change exercise

  • Passive moment meditation

  • Open-eyed meditation

  • 2-minute zap meditation

  • 1-minute/20 second zap meditation

  • 10 second zap meditation

  • Sabotaging outcomes

  • Monkey mind

  • Tapping universal source energy

  • Multiplying the power

  • Personal code to success

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Creating new beliefs

  • Law of allowance

  • Choice points

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