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Meditation program for kids. 


A mindful meditation program for kids

GratitudeBee is a mindful awareness, Social and Emotional Learning program for kids and K-12 students that helps them manage stress and anxiety, increase self-control, and sustain attention. Requiring only a few minutes of GratitudeBee mindfulness meditation practice a day. GratitudeBee is an appropriate addition to any school subject, but teachers leading Character Education, Health, Physical Education, or Guidance classes may have the opportunity to go deeper with the lesson plans. The program is available online as well as offline with the physical presence of a meditation guide and coach.

Components included in the kit

  • Mindful breathing exercises to incorporate into the daily routine. Participants will be led through instructions for proper posture, counting the breathing activity, and concluding the exercise.

  • Mini-lesson plans that support deeper understanding of mindfulness-related concepts: self-awareness, empathy, attention to detail, strengthening self-control, and leaving one’s comfort zone.

  • Ideas for integrating mindful awareness practices into the daily life throughout the year.

Studies of students practicing mindful awareness meditation have shown:

The Core Outcome

Heading 5

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to be aware of one’s inner life–one’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, values, goals, strengths, challenges, attitudes, mindsets– and how these elements impact our decisions.


Mental Focus

In a world filled with distractions, cultivating the skill of focused attention is an important factor in learning. A focused mind is the greatest tool of our human civilization. 


Emotional Well-Being

Students and educators are empowered with an understanding of how to regulate their nervous systems and cultivate mental and emotional well-being.

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