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If you have some knowledge to share which can impact participants and the society in a positive way then 'Ancient Monk' is the right platform for you. Share your treasure of knowledge with other!

Human Life (in itself) does not seem logical when we look around at our surroundings. Everything looks unproportionally balanced when it comes to human society and civilization. Rest everything in nature and the universe is magnificently balanced.


Probably there could be millions of things which we follow and never question, and take that for granted as a synonym for life and a living itself. We identify life with those petty and superficial nitty-gritty of man-made civilization.


Our brains function in a certain way, and this might be the reason that it is systematically washed for almost 2 initial decades of life so that for the next 5 or 6 decades we can be utilized and fuel the so called ultra-advancements of the society. We are taught to pay attention at things that should have never mattered in life.


As the fish in water does not or rather cannot separate water and life, we too once programmed become deeply unaware of the true meaning and essence of life. We are programmed to identify every aspect of life outside our own selves, whether we categorize and name them as happiness, success, joy, aspirations, or achievements.


Right from conceiving a life in the womb, till the society brands that life as being adult and allows it to be a part of the so called productive society (almost 18 – 22 years) so much endurance is being taken by all – the sleepless nights, health, education, clothing, maintaining the standards of the society, food, savings, planning and so much. It is humongous and enormous. But the question here is – Why all that for?  Ask any college student or the person who has just entered the work life that ‘what is your goal of life?’.


Either you will witness a blank face or some answers like – I want to be a good manager (if that person happens to complete the MBA degree) or I want to be a software engineer (if that person is from CSE or IT background) or I want to do a job and that is it.


I feel it so much funny and yes, you can definitely have a different opinion. Yet in either of the instance the reality is unaltered. We cannot deny the fact that we, with the present set of norms, education, and ethos, most of us are unhappy, diseased, sick, depressed and clueless about the ‘whys of things’ which are going around. I need not furnish facts and figures, you can very well validate the same, if you look around the society or inside your own house, the media channels and lies that are being advertised in the name of hygiene standards, the divisions that are being made in the name of religion, gender, ethnicity and culture. You will understand that what I want to say.


We all are suffering from the ‘boiling frog syndrome’, and eventually one fine day we replaced by the next generation of frogs destined to foster the forthcoming generations and the cycle continues. No one complains – because we are taught not to question and complain and always remain as a good and proud law-abiding citizen.


Ancient Monk is an attempt to ignite the child inside you which was numbed and silenced years ago. We take the path less travelled by. We question, we explore, we experience, we experiment and we understand, that life is not a job or a role or a thing to be achieved or a status to be updated, life is something that has to be explored beyond the text books, norms, conventions and the belief system.


The transformation must happen as the laws of life are non-negotiable. The metamorphosis must happen and one-day the caterpillar will fly widening it magnificent wings into the deep blue sky of hope, knowledge and infinity.


We organize and conduct a series of learning and exploration workshops on various subjects, which are outcome based. Our-way of working starts by fixing the desired outcome and then we arrange and rearrange the other variables to come to that point of understanding and knowledge, which makes us a little better version of our own old self. 


All our workshops follow the 5-step validation process because we believe information is knowledge only when it is experienced and applied.

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